Our Strategy

  • Flexible deal structures tailored to each unique situation

  • Confidential and prompt transaction process with no employee involvement

  • We work with owners to understand both their business and personal needs

  • Focus on long-term value creation

  • Provide employees with a sound future and ongoing opportunities

  • We prefer a situation where the current owner is looking to retire or transition out of the business

  • We will consider healthy, breakeven or turnaround situations

Business Owners

Currently, the market is saturated with Private Equity Groups that are looking to acquire companies with seasoned management teams in place and a certain revenue figure with a minimum EBITDA/cash flow number.  Furthermore, they are seeking a company without customer concentration issues or any future capital equipment expenditures on the horizon. 

However, there are few options for business owners that wish to retire or simply do something else that do not have a defined succession plan.  It is our mission to create an orderly exit for the business owner while maintaining complete confidentiality throughout the entire process.  Since each situation is different, we will work with the owner to develop a transition plan as a component of the purchase agreement.  That way, expectations are in writing and both parties are committed to the success of the acquired business.

The senior management team at Tri-Cap has earned a reputation for taking small entrepreneurial companies to the next level.  Our operating team brings management and financial experience along with sound, tested leadership skills. These qualities facilitate the transition and are key ingredients to the continued growth and long-term success of the company.

Tri-Cap is a private investment group that is positioned to acquire, actively manage and grow privately held lower middle market businesses.  TCEP is comprised of experienced investors, managers and entrepreneurs dedicated to using their combined management experience and capital to increase the value of each company.  Our team has started, acquired, restructured and grown companies of various sizes and will apply proven principles and strategies to grow our businesses organically and through future acquisitions.

Tri-Cap Equity Partners

Our Objective

Our Approach