Tri-Cap Equity Partners

Our Interest

Company Interest

  • Location - Southeast US
  • Consolidation Opportunities
  • Path to Growth, Value or Restructuring
  • Ownership wants to exit the business


Opti-Ecom LLC

Opti-Ecom LLC, is the exclusive online retail distributor for Rainforest Naturals Supplements and Nutraceutical Products.  We are currently marketing three Reparagen brands of Joint Health products on the Amazon platform.  Additional products and platforms are in the process of being added to the line up.  Please visit our website for more information:

Our Acquisition Criteria

Financial Criteria

  • $2 million to $15 million
  • Healthy, Breakeven or Turnarounds
  • No requirements for add-on candidates

We seek to Invest in small/mid-sized companies where we can add value

Industries of Interest

  • Services (Business, Industrial, Professional or Consumer)
  • Distribution with Services Component
  • Light Manufacturing 
  • Athletics/Sports Related Businesses

Tri-Cap Equity Partners seeks to acquire businesses that are typically too large for an individual to purchase and too small for an equity group to acquire. Whether we are acquiring a healthy, stagnant or turnaround situation, our companies will benefit from Tri-Cap’s enhanced financial and operational/management controls while executing a growth plan through enhanced sales and marketing efforts.

In many cases, TCEP will discover companies that operate in fragmented industries with opportunities for consolidation.  While we may be searching in a wide variety of industry sectors, our primary objective is to acquire platform companies and make additional acquisitions in that industry sector.  In many cases, we will search for businesses in adjacent industry sectors that have common customers and/or synergies.